Personal Litigation

We help claimants and defendants in many areas including divorce and matrimonial proceedings, personal injury, clinical negligence and fatal accidents whether as a single or jointly instructed expert forensic accountant.

Divorce and Matrimonial Issues

We have put together a detailed article where we share four ways a forensic accountant’s experience and professional input can assist with your divorce case and matrimonial issues.

Personal Injury

Normally, we are instructed in the more complex matters involving injuries of the utmost severity with major financial implications including, loss of profit by self-employed individuals, loss of pension rights and in calculating complex dependency claims.

  • Individuals with irregular earning patterns, whether employed or self-employed
  • Pension loss from loss of pension contributions
  • Benefit in Kind
  • Dependency and “lost year” calculations

For examples of the type of cases and impact we have had please see our case studies.