Family Business

The majority of businesses in the UK are managed by families, employing much of the country’s workforce. They are the heart of the national economy and local communities they operate in.

We understand the importance of family businesses, and are extremely knowledgeable of the sector. We work with businesses and the families to help them prepare for and ensure their future. For the business to thrive for the long term we help you address issues such as job specifications for family members, bringing in external management, succession planning, and revising share structures.

We offer our high-quality accounting services to family businesses and with our strategic input we can provide a service to family businesses that most accountancy practices cannot. Working with different generations in the family business for the long term, we have valuable experience that we can impart helping you benefit from and avoid the mistakes and pitfalls of others.

We work closely with the family to understand their business, how it functions and help identify what their goals are and how to get there. Then we provide our advice and support accordingly. Our tailored approach has proven to be successful.