Personal Litigation

Case Study 1 - Business Owners / Directors Defence

In many cases when isolated transactions are explained in context, reasonable explanations can be provided, or when gaps are filled / addressed the allegations can be refuted, or at least lessened, and a one-sided understanding of the situation challenged.

In one case, there was an allegation of extensive defrauding of customers of £1.4million, but working with the client and solicitor, a case was put forward that refuted the fundamental basis for the allegation and quantification of the amount claimed, and a significantly reduced amount of £300,000 was compromised on.

Case Study 2 - Loss of earnings / profits

Over the years we have assisted in the quantification of loss of earnings / profits for individuals (employed and self-employed) and unincorporated businesses following accidents, business interruption e.g. fires/floods, and medical negligence.