Corporate: Business Valuations

Case Study 1 - Acquisition of Law Firm - Due Diligence

We supported a client in undertaking wide ranging due diligence enquiries in just a couple of weeks, into their successful acquisition of a multi-million-pound legal practice that was facing severe financial troubles. This included an assessment of the historic financial operations of the business, its assets and liabilities, and the preparation of profit and cashflow projections.

Case Study 2 – Acquisition / disposal of a business

As part of supporting clients in the acquisition / disposal of a business, both big and small, across a wide variety of business sectors, we regularly undertake detailed review of a potential target business’ historic and forecast financial results, in conjunction with an evaluation of what the potential future financial results of a business under new ownership might be, in order to establish a target business’ potential value to the purchaser / sales price for a seller.

Case Study 3 - Goodwill valuation on incorporation for HMRC purposes

On numerous occasions, across a range of industries / business sectors, we have provided valuations of an existing business’ goodwill on incorporation for use in detailed negotiations with HM Revenue & Customs’ specialist Shares & Assets Valuation team, to determine an agreed valuation.