4 Reasons To Shift To Cloud Accounting Today

More and more businesses today are switching their accounting over to the cloud because it helps streamline their core processes. 

If you own a business, it’s likely that you’re more of an entrepreneur than an accountant. As a result, you’re likely putting more time into other aspects of your business and leaving the finances unchecked. Cloud accounting makes things easier both in terms of accessibility and efficiency. 

Here are four reasons to consider taking your accounting to the cloud:

Cloud Accounting Offers Better Access

A cloud-based service allows you to incorporate all your devices to access financial records at any place and at any time. When everything’s stored on the cloud, you are no longer tied to office servers and it will be much easier for you to collaborate with your team. 

Cloud Accounting is More Cost-Effective

If you own a small business or you’re only starting out, cloud accounting is a cost-effective way to keep track of your finances. You don’t need to pay for software or on-site employees. All you need is the right setup so you can customise your accounts, upload your files, and learn how to use it. Whilst it is easy to learn how cloud accounting software works by reading articles or watching videos online, experienced cloud accounting accountants can help you set up the software and train you on how to use it effectively. 

Cloud Accounting Ensures Better Security

Contrary to popular belief, cloud-based software is often more secure than local files. And as we all know, security is a vital part of business, especially when it comes to your financial data. Cloud accounting can help keep sensitive information safe. There’s no human element, which reduces the chances of lost or stolen information. 

Let’s face it, human errors can be detrimental to your business. This is especially true when it comes to accounting, seeing as one financial miscalculation can result in major consequences. 

With cloud-based accounting, the chances of human errors are reduced, adding a layer of security and protection to your files. 

Moreover, cloud services have automatic backups, so if ever you accidentally delete a file, you can quickly retrieve it. There’s no need to worry about losing data anymore. Isn’t that a relief? 

Cloud Accounting Helps With Scalability

The cloud you use for accounting will grow with your business. As your operations grow and you have more people on the payroll, more equipment, and more sales, rest assured that cloud-based accounting will be able to keep up with your growing business. 


Cloud accounting for your business will revolutionise your processes. A cloud solution can reduce or eliminate time-consuming work that can slow down a business. If you haven’t switched to cloud accounting yet, there are so many reasons you should do it today. 

Cloud accounting will allow you to make better decisions because you will be able to access your data in real-time. It’s total mobility—you can access your financial files wherever you are, at any time of the day, and all you need is a device and an internet connection and you’re all set to make the best decisions for your business. 

At Riley Moss, we offer reliable cloud accounting services. Our cloud accountancy team in Manchester and Preston will help you choose a package suited to your business needs!