3 Signs That Your Business Is Ready for Cloud Accounting

3 Signs That Your Business Is Ready for Cloud Accounting

It comes as no surprise that an increasingly growing number of business owners are considering cloud accounting services for their business. Business owners like you need to find ways to increase efficiency and transparency. With cloud accounting, you can easily do that and more. 

You may currently be trying out cloud accounting on your own or perhaps you’re thinking to move your existing accounting processes to an accountancy firm who are experts in cloud accountancy software such as Xero. This article discusses 3 situations when you should consider cloud accounting as a route for your business:

1. When you want to integrate smart accounting practices in your business 

Cloud accounting software safely stores your data and records, and integrates your invoices, transactions, bank feeds and other account tracking tools, on a cloud server – and there is no software application for you to download. You can login and access your accounting records from anywhere with a WIFI connection either on your computer or phone. Easily accessible cloud accounting will keep your money in check. Cloud accountancy is great for accounting automation, by linking with your existing software and third party systems such as POS systems and e-commerce apps. 

The reservations that many business owners may have with accounting software is that it would be difficult to integrate cloud accountancy software into their business processes. However, when you use old-fashioned systems, such as paper or excel-based systems, you will take require more time to comply with your accounting obligations and will also effectively be tied to the office. Moving to cloud accounting software also ensures that you are compliant with the Making Tax Digital rules that HMRC have introduced for businesses. 

2. When you want an accounting platform that is highly organised 

Aside from its easy integration into your business, cloud accounting also makes it easier to organise your accounting processes compared to the traditional accounting methods. For instance, you may be relying on your office computers and filing cabinets to keep most of your accounting data. Cloud accounting is easier because your data is stored in a cloud in a more organised manner. This is especially helpful in preparing your annual accounts and also for having a real time snapshot of your business finances. Cloud accounting makes it easier to comply; all you have to do is click and easily find the accounting records you need.

Another advantage of cloud accounting is that you have a dedicated team of accountants and technical Xero specialists that will set up your cloud accounting dashboard to suit your business processes. Specialist cloud accounting accountants are also able to train you on how to use the cloud accountancy software, and provide technical support to improve your cloud accounting experience. 

3. When you want your accounting records to be very secure 

As well as keeping your accounting records organised, cloud accounting also keeps all your records secure. Your accounts and records are all saved and backed up with military levels of encryption. Your accounting dashboard will only be accessible to you, as the business owner, and those you choose to give access to, such as your accountant. You can easily isolate more private accounting data and keep it to yourself in the cloud. Working with colleagues, and sharing data with your advisers, is an extremely straightforward process when you’re based in the cloud.


Cloud accounting is an affordable, effective and safe tool used by a growing number of businesses to fulfil their accounting needs. With the benefits of being organised, transparent and higher levels of security, you, as a business owner, cannot go wrong with cloud accounting. Consider it today to make sure you are not falling behind on business growth and paying your financial dues. 

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